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Goodness is one of the marks of a supernaturally transformed life. Goodness is not being nice or doing justice. Goodness is the quality of God making you significant and excellent because of His finished work and not from any work or striving on your part.

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How can I be filled with the Holy Spirit?

God wants to give us the gift of himself. That is what relationship with him through Jesus looks like.

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Expectation of Receiving

We must be expectant that God is actually Good and when he promises his Holy Spirit. He is promising himself, our greatest good.

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Patience is one of the marks of a supernaturally transformed life. Patience is vitally important because it reveals who we are and who we will become. Patiences is the ability to handle suffering, problems or delay without anxiety.

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Expectation of Great Things to Come

Peter said to the lame man, “Look at us…” So it is with Christ, He chooses broken people to help and heal broken people. What talent, gift or treasure has God give you to help others?

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Peace is one of the marks of a supernaturally transformed life. True Peace flows from the inside out. Peace is not contingent or dependent on outward circumstances. This is the peace Jesus offers.

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Expectation and the Nevertheless Factor

Regardless of the circumstances in our life, Jesus will always speak “Nevertheless…”

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Love is the mark of a supernaturally transformed life. Love is the preeminent fruit of the Spirit and the greatest commandment.

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Expectation or Perplexity

God calls us to walk as people who are mediators and leaders. His grace is sufficient for us whether we feel it or not. His desire is to bless us and calls us to walk in His ways.

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The People

The main thing Jesus left the world with was not philosophy or set of rules it was a community.

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